5 Reasons why we switched from python to Golang

Python is a programming language which helps you in integrating the system and helps you work more efficiently, Python is used by thousands of people to do testing of microchips and building video as it is of general purpose programming.So, if Python is all that great, why Golang is the burning question! Read on to learn why we’ve switched from Python to Golang.

Go is a free and open source programming language created at Google in 2007. Go is a systems programming language for large, distributed systems and highly-scalable network servers. It is thus capable ofreplacingC++ and Java in Google software stack and even Python from the coders mind for that matter! Let’s have a look at what makes Golang so different.

  1. Static type system

Here is where things get interesting! In the process of getting the specific task library work done people somehow don’t see the language in which the coding is being done and unfortunately python is a static type system! What is a static type system? This type of language basically requires a programmer to dedicatedly tell the computer what type is each kind of data value. C and C++ fall in the same category.Although Golang also falls in the same category but there are a lot of differences in the way Go takes care of errors. There can be an essay altogether on the ways Go tackles with the errors and concurrency. The other major concern is that due to the dynamic type system the bug can be easy introduced into the system.

2. High dependencies in Python

Dependencies are a major problem in python. You are required to install dependencies using separate commands (Virtualenv, pip, buildout,distribute,easy_install) and the task isn’t simply done with that!You can still lose track of old versions of software or get compilation errors. The graphic user interface which can solve these compilation problems are themselves so huge in sizes that it makes all your efforts go in vain as it takes hundreds of megabytes of space. For the installation of dependencies in Go we can simply do that by using the go get command and all the dependencies are installed.

3. Speed

Python can be called the slowest in all classes of languages. This can be proved true once you try to run a service on Python at scale! It can take ages for it to happen while in Golang parallelism is available which means that the task and loops can run in parallel without hindering the speed and performance of each other.

4. User friendly Golang

Ever thought of why some languages are so much into use while some have just not been able to make their way into the market? The simple reason behind this is how easy to use and understand the language is. Golang has very simple and direct codes and thus can be grasped by the user with great ease. It has simple installation steps, easy updates and is very efficient too. What more can a user ask for?

5. Compilation into single binary

Being built on a complied language Golang has come a great way ahead of Python and many other languages for that matter. It links all the libraries into a unit using static linking. Unlike Java you don’t have to go running after all the dependencies and still face errors for any glitch for version default.

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