The Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing with WordPress

A/B testing is basically simultaneously operated testing which is executed among two different web pages. This sort of testing is done to compare the performance of the two pages in question and ascertain as to which one is more effective from an end user’s perspective. This testing mechanism is excellent for judging the effectiveness of the web application and gauging the developer’s efficiency. With A/B testing, one can judge the WordPress speed and effectiveness and this will help people assess as to whether the website is on par with their expectations and where it stands when compared to other sites. We bring to you some of the basic steps involved in setting up A/B testing and executing it and these will help you judge the effectiveness of your WordPress Development.

  • Setting up of A/B testing

You need to have a clear idea as to whether you need an onsite test or an offsite test? After the selection of the type of test, you must execute it on the elements like the exact text employed, the exact location to be chosen for the action or color of the button or any other surrounding space. Usually, this is done before making any important decision regarding the websites.

  • Optimization of the conversions

Now you need to choose the website in which you need to conduct the test for the conversation rate. So, select the website first and choose the element you want to split over the site during the testing. Now divide the entire scenario into two divisions namely A and B and present both the web page versions to testers/users for a given period say a day. At the end of the day, you will get to know the conversation rate of the web pages. Whichever page has the better conversation rate will tell you which version works better and this is one of the best aspects of A/B testing.

  • Elements of the A/B testing

This test is done for determining the speed of the web page. It is used to test some of the aspects like headers of the web page, body copy, and images of the web page or response to the buttons. All you need to test on the web page is the content of the web page. That’s why page elements are necessarily tested. Typical page elements such as call to action buttons, subscription forms and related posts widget or promotional campaigns etc. are tested in this method. The main elements of the A/B testing are the measures and planning adopted for the segment of the website that needs to be measured.

  • Need for A/B testing

This method of testing is usually employed by companies who are contemplating different strategies and help them plan actions, designs and patterns. Anyone indulging in WordPress Development should employ this technique to understand exactly what works and what doesn’t and then come up with a conversion and marketing strategy for the business.

  • Improvement in Bottom line

Appropriate A/B testing can improve your bottom line. Through this, you can arrive at the exact strategies required to expand your business. When you conduct the A/B testing on a regular basis, your baseline targets improve and conversion begins to improve at a superior rate. Thus, for effective marketing A/B testing is a must!

If you are looking at WordPress Development for your business, planning for A/B testing is thus a very important step. Planning ahead and working on the results of the tests to improve your site can help you land more leads and customers than with other techniques.

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