Is there any benefit of using Microsoft Azure over Amazon Web Services?

It actually depends on the situation and work requirement that promotes the use of Azure over AWS. Both of them are equally likable for different reasons. Though they are both are cloud providers, they represent two different philosophies. This is evident right from the instance types and console design to the kind of products they both offer.

It would actually depend on the scenario and workload, a right sizing of the capabilities you want to implement would be useful as well. Azure integrates very well and seamless with the enterprise infrastructure since most of them run Microsoft in the foundation layers: Identity, Messaging, Database and Development. Azure Application Development Services has provided a number of essential features and work environment for powerful boost.

When it is recommended to use Azure?

1.    If you are an enterprise which is just adopting the cloud and you can’t afford to move your entire infrastructure to cloud and if you prefer a hybrid model then you must go with Azure.

2.   If you are primarily a windows shop and more than 70% of your databases are Microsoft SQL Server, then features like backing up a database to a URL directly using old TSQL commands will feel magical to you.

3.   If you are a one man company who just wants to build that website quickly and you don’t want to deal with the overhead of managing infra then you are advisable to use Azure PaaS services.

4.    If you are concerned about Oracle and SAP being ‘Certified’ on a platform, then Azure is a good way.

5.    You can build a Blinkbox kind of service with relatively less effort by using Azure.

When it is recommended to use AWS?

1.   If you need a better control at the network level on our private cloud, you must look for AWS service. Amazon’s VPC beats Azure’s Vnet hands down at the moment.

2.   If you are longing for a top notch IaaS Service which is solid and things like a random server reboot do not fall under “it-may-happen” scenario then you must go with AWS server which is snappier than comparable Azure servers.

3.  If your company depends heavily on automation then you must use AWS. Poweshell automation that Azure provides is as powerful as it can be get but AWS has a lot more options.

4.    If you are search for more flexibility in choosing an instance type, AWS is for you.

It always depends on the company’s requirement. Right now in cloud providers major players are AWS and Azure, so do select you choice in a more specific way. For any queries related to Azure development, get in touch with our service panel support at

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