Best Android App Development Tips That You Should Know

Android is one of the most sought-after development platforms in the world for mobile apps. Every business is looking at having its own app and whether they have an app in iOS or not, they would surely wish to have one in Android given its popularity. We bring to you some of the best Android app development tips with this blog to help you build the best apps for your business. Read on to learn more.

  • Begin with the basics

First of all, learn the basics! Learn XML and Java proficiently before beginning app development as this will be a major plus for you when you begin developing Android apps. Android is developed in Java and being familiar with the language isn’t enough, you need to be good at it. Similarly, understand that you are developing for a mobile phone which has a limited memory. This is one consideration most developers lack and it can land you in deep trouble at the end. Program with smaller memory devices in your mind and you’d be better off than most android app developers!

  • Do not underestimate the importance of proper planning and design

When you spend enough time analysing your requirements and planning for contingencies and maintenance, you won’t be facing nasty surprises during development or launch. Always spend a lot of time on design and getting the details right; the devil is after all in the details! Plan for support, maintenance and testing early and only then move on to the coding phase. Also, be aware of the latest trends and study the market before you venture into your design.

  • Be active in online communities

Android has extensive online support and it is important to participate in communities and keep abreast of what is happening around you. When you join such communities, you enter a great learning  field and you expand your horizons. There is no better place to learn and interact with the best minds than in such communities. Also, when you are stuck somewhere, you can seek help which is a great asset for any android application developer.

  • Get feedback from consumers

Many of us simply skip this and don’t even plan for this. Your users are the people who are going to use your app and listening to them will help your app gain popularity and function well. After all, how good will your app be if you aren’t going to be listening to your users’ pain points? Feedback and reviews are a means to improve your product. As a popular management theory goes, listen to the customer who gives you a bad review. He/she can help you take your product to the next level.

  • Understand the market and study competition

You might have heard of this often and yet you may not have grasped the significance of this for your app. You need to understand what is trending and what is not right now and also estimate the best time to launch your app in the market. For instance, an app that gives you cine industry gossip can be in high demand during awards season and launching it prior to that and generating the right buzz to captivate users is important. If your launch timing isn’t right, your app won’t fare well. Similarly, you need to understand what your competition is up to and this will help you gain marketing ideas for your app. You can market your app on your USPs and by highlighting what it does better than that of others and so on.

We would also recommend that you think about the number of users who will download your app, how you are going to engage users and retain them and in the case of free apps how you are going to generate revenue and how you are going convert free users into premium ones and so on before your app’s launch. Testing and being receptive to feedback, beta testing, planning for user security and planning your marketing strategies will help improve your app’s ratings and potential to get noticed among the crowd. After all, with millions of apps available out there, we need to ensure that ours does stand out and draw attention!

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