Best Programming Language To Build A SaaS App

Ask for advices on the best programming language to build A SaaS App and all you would get in return are some vague high handed advices like… it won’t really matter which language you write the application in or just go for whichever you are comfortable working with or even more confusing ones like… try one, if you don’t like it you can rewrite in the another language. But the fact remains that you are not looking for experimentation with your hard work. You want straight simple answer. We have some for you.

Here are things you should ensure before jumping in for a particular programming language:

1. You should be well acquainted with the language and the pros and cons of choosing the same.
2. You team and developer working in the project should be able to code in that language.
3. The expenses of maintaining the same.
4. You should have apt testing tools for that language.
5. Compatibility and reliability of platforms that would run your app.

While we don’t claim that these are the only programming languages that are worthy of being included in the list, we can say that some of the most successful companies trust them. Well, you asked for the best, we give you just that.


One of the most popular programming language, taught worldwide in some of the most reputed universities and institutes, is ideal for your SAAS apps for you can easily find developers using this language. If you have future plans of creating android app, this is the ideal one for you. Expenses and memory needed are both higher with this language.


The oldest is still the best. Various frameworks and libraries come handy in using this language when you are building SAAS app. Even a non developer can easily code it and that often comes as an added advantage. The formats are quite similar to other languages and you can easily find qualified developers.


This is a common and fast option for you only if you are comfortable with the speed with which things will move.


Once you get comfortable using this language, it can become your favourite for its ease, speed and scalability. Chrome’s JavaScript makes it free of errors and effective for cross platform apps. You can write the front end code and back end code in the same language which can be an advantage in many a ways.


Look at it from data analysis point of view and there is no reason why you shouldn’t start liking it already. With Django framework, one of the most powerful in its class, the design is completely pragmatic.

Whitescape, Scala, Clojure and many more are also effective in one way or the other. The best practice while choosing programming language for your SAAS app is to understand which of them you and your developer know well and will be comfortable working with them.

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