Best web development framework to use for an ambitious startup project!

What is the best web development framework to use for an ambitious startup project? Let’s do a comparison between Laravel (PHP, JS and MySQL) and Meteor (JS, Node, MongoDB)

It is very difficult to answer such a question in a simple way. The answer generally corresponds to the need of user and what he is planning for. It depends on the situation and the goal/objective of the web development. The question has a close affirmation to “what is the best means of transportation?” Car? aeroplane? Or Bike?  The answer to this question is very simple. It is where the person wants to go.

There are similar things with software. Here it means, what is the desired architecture? What is the user flow? What are data and how does it flow? What are the modules and the responsibilities?  Try to get your architecture independent of framework and then look what framework supports your architecture.

Here are few of the important points to look

•   If you are just a beginner, then you need to choose a programmer that is more reliable and then you can see what your programmer can deal faster. Even if the language is rare, difficult or ill- suited to build your product, then also there can be the way to go.

•   If a developer has a handful of knowledge on Laravel/ PHP/ JS or MySQL, the he must go with it, or else if he had knowledge on JS /Node/ MongoDb then may opt this too. If you are using for a perfect stack, then there are merits as well as demerits in both of them.

•   For a startup project, you must choose the web development framework very particularly since it will be a knowledge sharing project. So there must be a brand new in technology to begin on an ambitious project.

•  This is because you are willing to build the product fast learning and failing too soon. It is not wise to spend your precious time on thinking about the large framework, because the first version is likely to be different than the final product.

•  But before selecting a platform, you must ensure that it has a big community and there must be a hand to help you in common and uncommon problems.

We, at Laitkor are dedicated towards assisting you with the best web development framework to use for an ambitious start-up project. For any assistance on web development, feel free to get in touch with our expert panel at helpdesk.

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