Which is better: a career as a PHP developer or as a Java developer?

Choosing a language is just another option, you need to take up a good company product or startup where you can harness your skill. A good software engineer / developer keeps many tools (i.e. Computer programming Language) in his tool box. All programming language has their own pros and Cons; you have to choose them wisely for a task. Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language while PHP is a server side scripting language. Find it here whether a PHP Developer or Java developer, what is suited best.

A Language for better career

1.    As concerned with career, it totally depends on your skill and will. If you have a good knowledge of computer science, any company will hire and you can enjoy the work you do. You need to concentrate on fundamentals of CS to get a good salary and job.

3.    Many big companies, inclusive of Google and Facebook prefer the use of Java rather than PHP. Since that is a subjective issue,it is clear that you develop your skill in one language rather than question which language is better.

5.    If you want to work in an IT service/ support/ product development industry, Java is the better option than PHP. Also a Java developer earns a good salary package based on his/her skills and domains knowledge. For career growth, Java is not bad. You can go with it.

2.    You must start with a company that will provide a great opportunity for the growth of your career. It is not so important about what technology they are using, unless they are using outdated technology. If you are a good Java developer (healthy programming), with good server and enterprise skills, then you will be able to work anywhere in the world and get paid in six-digits for doing so.

4.    PHP is for web programming and Java is for enterprise application programming. Now web programming means creating a shopping cart, creating an online reservation system etc. For Online products like these can easily be developed in a little span of time & minimum investmentwith PHP. Whereas,Java is to develop heavy enterprise applications involving online banking system, CRM, Insurance, Online trading application etc. So if you feel strong attraction for a web programming as your interest and passion, then go with the PHP else Java.

You need to find yourself in a better company which is better in terms of job opportunities, Salary hikes, career growth, future scope, etc. If you are a good software developer, you must have multiple tools with you, so you can fit in almost any development job. Be a Java developer or a PHP developer, but be what your passion and skills are.

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