What are some of the most common misconceptions/ myths about programming?

There may arise some misconceptions or myths about web programming. Some users take it as a job for very gifted, the process, reward, methodical and glorious. In this article we are going to debug, explore and fix the misconceptions about programmer and the programming.

Here are some of the misconceptions/myths about programming

•  “You can be a genius programmer”. There is no such thing like “genius programmer”. Every programmer makes mistake and need to learn from it. Sometimes the mistakes can be time consuming and frustrating, while other times we may come up with something brilliant and extra-ordinary.

•  Some of the programmer even think that copying source code is not good and it should never be done. Instead, one must reinvent the wheel again.

•  Many of the programmers loose hope and think that “programming is a Witch-craft and it is impossible for normal humans to understand it.

•  “Programming is computer science”. And many users think it as easy to learn programming within a week. But programming is not that easy. It requires serious dedication, hard Working and long term commitment to learn and become comfortable with programming.

•    “Programming alone saves plenty of time”. It is not just the programming to save time but there are more factors related to programmer and the software working.

•   That programmers are people who sit behind their computer screens and lack social interaction. Also, that their life takes place in a virtual world.

•   “Programming is typing magical codes”.  Some of the users think it as a way of typing magical codes into the computer which is understood by only computers to perform different tasks.

Some more misconceptions with the programmers
  • One needs to be master of mathematics to learn programming.
  • One must be genius to deal with programming.
  • One needs to go to university to learn the codes.
  • One must be an adult to learn programming language.
  • Only the best language should be learned.
  • It only takes a week to learn and master in programming language.
  • The user should memorize all syntaxes and avoid help.
  • It is impossible for a user to write that much codes.
  • If the user is a woman, she can’t code.
  • Money making can only be done after mastering in computer and programming.

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