As a developer, what criteria will make you choose AWS activate, Microsoft Azure, and SalesForce 1?

It is believed that every cloud is good at a specific set of activities. There are number of developers who are working on a cloud selection tool for a long time who are expert in the field. As a developer, you need to have free knowledge of all development activities.

Criteria to choose AWS activate, Microsoft Azure and SalesForce 1

1.  The main point you need to consider every time is security. Other important features include performance, cost and mainly the ease of performance and access. All these features are critical in considering which cloud provider to leverage.

3.  It is one of the complex questions. Before selecting one, you need to choose the best and which one worked better in the test.

5.  For cloud computing, Microsoft’s Window Azure is there. This latest technology, which is gaining popularity among business across all the industry vertical offers scalable web apps on the internet.

7.  There are many companies that host .Net applications and want to host in a Microsoft Cloud. AFAIK, Microsoft Cloud and Azure are quite competitive- especially for developers/ ISV with the BizSpark program which gives you up to $120k of Azure for free.

2.   All are available and have to be considered from a number of different ways.

4.    The following things must be considered:

•    Customer’s background
•    Customer’s vision about the Cloud
•    IT direction that the company is going towards
•    The Microsoft investment they have on premise
•    Existing skillset
•    Existing infrastructure of the clients
•    The one makes the most sense to your work background.
•    It also depends on the availability
•    Existing infrastructure VS associated development costs
•    Possibility of Lock-in

6.  You can also develop, distribute and upgrade your existing Android applications with lesser expenses. Azure can be written and debugged without further expenses, you can even add new functionalities as and when required.

8.   There are many applications which heavily depend on Microsoft technologies and they are always experimenting.  For better performance, you need to pay more cost on it. But the other side of that is the faster you can solve the problem you are trying to solve.

Microsoft and Azure are big players in this segment and offers wide range of solutions. As of now AWS is leading the market share in Cloud services. Dominating in this segment will always depend on how the services are easily available to users at comparative prices and how these integrate will other dependable/related services. For any other queries related to Azure security, Azure development, get in touch with our expert panel team at Laitkor helpdesk.

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