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Ruby is a language which is not really exposed to youngsters in many places. But in European countries Ruby is very cool and smart language to start your programming career with. There are various websites where you can search for aspiring programmers, so you can go for practicum associated website, social network like, and You can post your necessity via all the social networking sites including Twitter, so that it will reach out to many people and you can get a developer for your Ruby on Rails Development Services.

Hiring RoR developers for startups

1.    Post your requirements on social networking site and employment sites. They have very good reach in college campuses. You would definitely find someone matching your requirement. There are many excellent Ruby on Rails developers. But the most difficult part is to find them. You can get an expert developer from companies, and Laitkor itself offers experts for your Ruby on Rails Development Services.

2.    Consider these aspects before you choose a developer for your startups:

•    Development Experience

RoR requires quite a few learning curves so as to use it effectively, especially in combination with other web technologies. Go with the company who has experienced RoR developer.

•    Expertise and Portfolio

Consider what applications and websites have the developers built so far. Could any of their expertise and skills be relevant for your particular idea? A portfolio won’t tell you the full picture, because most of advanced functions are usually under the hood.

•    Technology use

You must understand the technology used by a developer. Every technology / application is a tool and a good selection of used technologies suggests that this company is skilled to use appropriate tools for particular problems, to solve them efficiently.

•    Quality testing

See if they write tests / specifications to test each line of the code. 100% test coverage is excellent, but 95% coverage is very good. There are tools that check test coverage.

•    Management expertise and systems

You can tell about the experience of the management by the questions they ask. Lean development is the most appropriate for Startups, and also for any other projects because of quick prototypes, short development cycles, constant feedback and agility.

•    Communication

A good rule of thumb is to receive a reply on your question on e-mail within 1 working day. For urgent questions developers should be reachable via phone, if busy, calling back within 2 hour. Other adds yet another layer in the middle- a chat.

•    In-House Expertise

A good web development company should have in-House experts for web Design and Usability, Front-End development, Back-end development and Digital Marketing experts. Those are the most critical categories for a successful full-scale development.

•    Free trial and guarantee

You should test the developer on a small project or a project milestone, before hiring them for a full-scale development. Do they offer a free trial? Do they have quality / satisfaction guarantee? Test several developers side by side and pick the one that performs best.

•    Location

It is better to choose a developer approximately in the same time zone to be able to communicate quickly. New development countries have typically much lower prices for the same or even higher quality, but there might be communication and management issues.

Don’t just try to go with the cheapest option. It will cost you dearly in long run or could be a complete waste of time and money. Laitkor Info Solutions is at your service, and is a leading Ruby on Rails web development company that provides an excellent service at a competitive rate.

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