From PHP (Laravel) to another web technology like Go (Raven), Node.js (Express or Meteor) or Python (Django)? Recommendations for big data

One thing should always be kept in mind, that there are variations in all server and program which precisely depends on the type of work required. The user may switch from one way to other, depending on the work that he wants to do. If someone would ask you a question “what is the best mean of Transportation: car, train, bike or an aeroplane?”what will be your answer?

It’s simple. It would entirely depend where you want to go.

It is all the same with the software. Here it is related to the following questions:

•    What is the architecture you desire?
•    What are your data?
•    What is the User flow?
•    How actually the data flows?
•    What are modules and what are their responsibilities?

Python (Django) is mostly recommended amongst PHP(Laravel), Go(Raven), Python (Django) and Node.js (Express or Meteor). It has tools for dealing with Big Data Projects including NumPy, Pandas, Bokeh, scikit- learn, Canopy and Numba.

Django may serve the above listed projects too, but it is best for Data mapping by using Geo-Django, the Django product. Also, if someone wants to deal REST API or serializers with other API’s, the Django REST Framework can integrate easily with rest of the ecosystem.

The Django ecosystem with the Django packages: Resuable apps, sites and Tool Directory can link with hundreds of apps to integrate with the Django project and would led to long run development.

One must also get to know about PyPI – Python package Index, which gives the access to the ecosystem of Installable Python Package. If you don’t want to limit to Django as a web framework, Python have a package of framework available with different approaches.

So, it is appreciable to say that Python is the best amongst the given list for Big Data Project. It has wide feature and scope for development.

We, at Laitkor are dedicated towards assisting you the best of web technology and Big Data Project. For any assistance on app development, feel free to get in touch with our expert panel.

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