What is a good node.js, editor tools and framework?

There are many tools and framework available for web design in node.js. They aim at providing all assistance for Node.js Application Development.  Meteor does not use standard technologies and do not play well with today’s existing tools. However, it is a great framework to work upon.

Here are some existing distinct tools

1. IDE: WebStorm, Sublime Text
2. Database: Sequelize.js for SQL and Mongoose for Mongodb.
3. Backend frameworks: Express.js (ans all express framework)
4. Logging: Winston
5. Async Workflow:Vov, which is much fater than Q.
6. Realtime Communications:SockJs, it is important web socket implementation that Socket.IO.
7.  Authentication: Pssport.js
8.  UI Module systems:browserify, RequireJS and LMD
9.  UI build tools and automation: Yeoman, Grunt and Brunch
10. UI Framework: Backbone.js, Ember.js, Angular.js and Durandal
11. UI Library management: Bower
12. Functional Programming: LO-Dash
13. CSS Preprocessors: Sass/Scss, Stylus
14. Markup frameworks: Zurb foundation and Bootstrap.
15. Language: CoffeeScript.

Some existing full stack tools

•    MeanStack= Mongodb + Express.js+  Angular.js + Node.Js
•    Derby
•    Meteor

Express.Js, as a framework

It is the best framework to use when the developer is building web apps in Node.js. As concerned with the editor tools, you can handle Javascript. It is the backend part of the MEAN stack, together with MongoDB database and Angular JS confronted framework.

Web team at Laitkor

1.    They use Atom as an IDE, and supports Frontend/backend javascript.
2.    They build their UI/ UX using React and Reflux.js
3.    They use Stylus as their CSS preprocessor together with PostCSS
4.    They use Gulp and Broserify to power their front end builds.
5.    They use Sock.js to handle web Socket.
6.     They use hapi.js as their main framework.
7.    They use Q and Bluebird for promises.
8.    They use Mongoose ODM and MongoDB for all their database needs.
9.    They use Circle CI for continuous Integration and deployment.
10.  They turn to AWS and Digital Ocean for hosting and other cloud service.
11.  They are Github attracted and employ the standard Github Development Flow.

We are always dedicated towards assisting you with good node.js programming. For any assistance on Node.js, feel free to get in touch with our expert panel at helpdesk.

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