What are the good productivity-enhancement tools for AngularJS development?

Most of the developers have an opinion that whatever is applicable to JavaScript must also be applicable to Angular JS.  Here is a list of good productivity- enhancement tools for AngularJS development. Different users have different selective vision towards the tool that fits in their requirement better.

Some good productivity – enhancement tools for AngularJS development:

1. Sublime Editor: Sublime Editor is one suitable and has angularJS snippets which help to complete the codes.
2.  Live re-loader: It can be used for making changes and refreshing screen automatically.
3.  Grunt: It is famous for building and testing the project.
4.  Yeoman: It is well known for its productivity of JavaScript Apps. It combines tools like live re-loader and Grunt, but you need nodejs to use it which is freely available.
5.   Web storm: It is a most known IDE and great for AngularJS development.
6.   Batarang: It is famous for debugging Angular JS application on chrome.

Gulp, as a productivity-Enhancement tool for AngularJS development:

Gulp: This is one of the great tools and is grunt because it is faster (pipes instead of many temp files) and when more readable build tasks, it becomes more complex. There are a number of Gulp plugins for linting, concatenating and minifying. But they are not Angular specific, but they are:

Angular-template cache:  It generally combines all HTML files to an angular module that the developer can include in their main application. It populates the template-cache and that is simply fine because there is no need to fetch any additional files while using template files.

Ng-annotations: Gulp adds dependency injection annotations to reduce minification problems. This process could be done manually or by using other process.

Batarang: This tool is famous for single biggest productivity increase for most of the developers. The best of its features are:-

• You can right click anywhere on the page to inspect element or you can select it in domain explorer.
• You can type $scope <Enter> or $scope.SCOPE_VAR in the console to see the scope that can be applied to that element.

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