How Node.js is helpful in web application development?

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a cross-platform, an open source and JavaScript runtime environment. It executes JavaScript code on the server side as against the earlier JavaScript which used to be executed on the client side. JavaScript was inserted in the HTML code and executed at the client side by using JavaScript engine in the client web browser. But Node.js allows the developers to make use of JavaScript at the server side.

It is an interface in the V8 JavaScript runtime and it permits event-driven programming to the web servers by making use of the JavaScript interpreter. When the JavaScript is used on the server side it enables running of scripts for dynamic web page content before it reaches the client. By using Node.js, JavaScript will be available atthe client and the server side across a single programming language.

Using Node.js in web development

Node.js is well used and a great choice for real-time applications that deal with huge data. It is best appropriate for those websites which have an enormous growth in the number of users. It has an inbuilt library that will allow the applications to be used as a web server. The applications can be executed on many servers like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX. The following are the reasons for using Node.js in web development.

  • js is fast in execution

As the applications of Node.js are written by means of JavaScript, the execution is faster. The network applications will become faster and scalable. It can handle multiple requests from the client which is a major benefit of web applications. The event loop available in Node.js will be able tohandle many concurrent requests from the client as there is no need to create more threads. Because of this, the application will also make use of less memory for execution.

  • Useful for Data Streaming

Data streaming is an activity in web applications that includes HTTP request and response. Though they are considered as two separate events they are data streams i.e. transfer of data at a high speed. Node.js can be used for data streaming to avail the services at the time of processing files while uploading. This will help to reduce the file processing duration when the data is in form of streams. This can be used for real-time audio and video recording.

  • Availability in server and client

Due to the application of Node.js, JavaScript is available in client and server side. The Node.js code will be executed in the same way and is flexible whether it is being implemented on the server or client side.

  • Handles database queries

The NoSQL databases like CouchDB and MongoDB make use of JavaScript framework for handling database queries. By tying it with Node.js, developers can make use of the same syntax. Node.js connects with real-time web applications as the data format used is JSON and be can be executed without any mismatch.

  • Coding is easy

Developers make use of Node.js to write JavaScript for the client and the server. By this, the data transportation and coordination that takes place between the client and the server becomes easier to manage by the web developer. A web app framework, Meteor that is created through Node.js uses the same codebase for the client and server. Any update in data that takes place in the server will be reflected spontaneously in the client and will be replicated in the web page that is used to display the data. Node.js serves the requirements of a web application development and provides a fast scalable application in the network.

  • Useful for real-time applications

Node.js is best appropriate to develop real-time applications like chat. It is also useful for building online games. When there is an application to hold a large number of requests at a time, Node.js is useful in such scenario.


Node.js is truly a gifted technology in the field of web application development, particularly for the real-time applications. It possesses all the features to deliver an excellent performance. It has an excellent framework that can create APIs and also handle many requests.

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