Introduction to Windows Azure- What you should know?

Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform used for network, storage and computing services. Windows Azure is the only cloud based platform which provides the developers all four cloud based functionalities which include Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud storage services and Virtualization Infrastructure. It provides the developers with hosting environments and online processing time for the applications in the cloud. Windows Azure is organized in such a way that it is security bounded and flexible in a manner that the developer can develop feature-rich applications with security threats and can be modified and utilized according to the client’s need. Microsoft with its high scalability, stability, and availability gives peace of mind to the developer and also keeps security issues at bay.

  1. The core services include
  • Virtual Machine Roles-

Virtual machines have helped the developers to use various platforms on a single system. Virtual Machine Roles allow the developers to use customized windows server to the cloud. The Windows Azure under Virtual Machine Roles requires the developers to manage the operating system instead of managing all by itself.

  • Web Roles-

Web Roles play an important role in the Windows Azure as it offers a predefined library where the developers can easily deploy any web application. And for doing that, Windows Azure is preinstalled with Web Server Internet Information Services.

  • Worker Roles-

This service of Windows Azure allows the developer to run background applications without any user interface interaction. For running jobs like number crunching, scheduled batch, and asynchronous processing, the Worker Roles are perfectly suitable for it.

2. Storage

As Windows Azure is a cloud based platform, it is comprised of a number of benefits. It provides you with scalable automatic load balancing partitioning where the data is replicated for protection. Windows Azure is accessible through various packages and libraries such as Ruby, .Net, PHP, JAVA and more. Not only that, it is comprised with a storage limit of about 100TB per storage account.

3. Database

Windows Azure database is built using the Structured Query Language (SQL) technology. This makes the setup of the application easier for the developers as they do not have to install, modify, manage and configure the entire database infrastructure. The developers are only required to define the name of the database, size, and edition.

4. Windows Azure’s powerful toolbox

Windows Azure is comprised of a set of a toolbox which allows the developer to create advanced applications. The rich set of tools includes Logic applications, Visual Studio, Azure Mobile applications, TFS, API applications and SQL management studio. The developer can use these tools on the system as well as in the cloud. Not only that, if you want your application to collaborate with other platform applications, Windows Azure allows the developers to work effortlessly with the third party tools. From code review to code management, the developer can let the team work flow smoothly.

This is all that you must know about Windows Azure. So no when you know all the benefits of Windows Azure, start using it!

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