Java or python, which is better for search algorithm and why?

Both Java and Python are targeting the same audience and same generation, so it is difficult to answer such a question in a simple way. Some user may not use assembly for web application nor do they use C++ for web app. But when it comes to Ruby, Python or PHP, one may use according to the requirement. Faster developing depends on the developer too. If you are focusing so much on the technology, then your business may be going rock solid or you are loosing focus. No one cares what you build on until it is working.  So it is better to make a choice and then build a great product.

Consider the following points for better algorithm

1.  Python has better readability. It is pre-installed in Unix-systems an can be used for both web and script coding. These serve as a big advantage of Python over PHP.

3.  They are both widely adopted, so it is difficult to compare the superiority among them. Both has pros and cons, and both has wide success stories.  There are great PHP and great Python coders and developers of both sides guarantee that their language is better than the other.

5.  Python in the cloud is providing more benefits and Google App Engine is one of an obvious example.  When it comes to making a scalable application working platform, PHP finds it less suitable than Python.

2. PHP has a bigger base and lot of plugins, variants, big community and great documentation. It all depends on your project, which answers which of the two provides better assistance.

4. PHP is easy to learn, especially for someone who is not a programmer. For web development, PHP has many more libraries. If you want to do anything in the area of web development, there is a good chance that there would be an existing library into it. It also has easier and cheaper web hosting.

Neither of the two app is inherently. The quality of code is more important than the language of writing. We, at Laitkor are dedicated towards assisting you with the language that is better for search algorithm. For any assistance on Java or Python development services, feel free to get in touch with our expert panel at helpdesk.

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