Laitkor Info Solutions Services Part 1

Laitkor is a technology Partner with a difference. We provide assistance to companies for rapid growth of fusing technology, trends and solution.  We are pleased to support our Client for proactive designing, software and web app development, system administration, security beef up, database management and many more.


Services Laitkor provides

1.    Software Integration Services

• It is a successful sharing of process and data among different applications in an enterprise. It is a platform to help customers leverage the performance of applications to meet objectives of the business.

• Every business do not need custom application and there are many companies that requires built-in software packages into their system.

• Laitkor provides software Integration service for unlimited business operation in the present days, system and Application integration has become a matter of great concern.

Here are some of the tools that we are using for software integration:

•  MuleSoft: It is an integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications.

ZAPIER: It generally helps to connect the web apps to move data easily and automate tedious tasks. It is a link between two apps and runs automatically in every few minutes in backgroung to manage and move data on your behalf.

3.    loT  (Internet of Things)

• laitkor’s Internet of things lab provides assistance to multidisciplinary learning and research sandbox and improved thought to experience, explore and extend latest technology to use cases.

• loT lab provides a large scale infrastructure facility that are well suited for testing small wireless sensor devices and heterogeneous communicating objects.

• These may carry a profound scope of implications for industrial automation and the industrial IoT.

2.    Big Data

• Big data, as the name suggest, is used to store a large number of unorganized data stored by companies which needs to be processed, analyzed and used to make the organization more beneficial and profitable.

• These days the data sets are so huge that it is making company tougher to continue storing and processing these unstructured data.

• Laitkor has done data visualization using R programming. R is a free programing language and software platform for providing assistance to data analysis through statistical computing and graphics.

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