Latest trends that mobile app development needs to take care of

2.2 Million Apps on Google play store and around 2 million iTunes Apps are flaunting over the mobile devices and has surpassed the revenue in more ways than the web apps have. According to the Gartner prediction 278 billions downloads have lead to $77 billion worth revenue. There is no reason to put impedance amid of the moving trends of Mobile Apps, as they have made good pacts with AI, connected homes, wearables, IoT, smart cars  etc. In 2017 mobile development is no more confined to the mobile screens rather it has surged it’s level and peeping inside every possible opportunity and this is what has made it floating over the cloud of innovations.

Lot new to happen in upcoming years, where mobile developers would need to expand their level of conceptions as the testing would not only happen on the mobile devices but also on other platforms. Here are some trends of mobile development:


Location based services are interesting and can be treated as bounty for retail offers, security features, indoor mapping, tourism, navigation etc. Since, it has picked up the very broad spectrum of services, it will be hard to put a limit to the expansion of it’s current and upcoming features.

LBS is more specifically abreast with mobile app development as both mobile and location comes from same lineage. Beacon, the sibling of the same descendant growing up faster and being made for good use to spot various location based token services, it has taken the mindset of App developers to a new innovation level.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The thing which is still being researched and developed in this era can be considered as a blasting revolution with no certainty of time and landscape, Augmented Reality (AR) can be reckoned as one of them. Taking the input/gesture/voices on diminished level and presenting them in the form a complete picture / Output is the magic of Augmented reality. GPS, voice recognition, gesture recognition etc are something which can be capitalized in more ways in the near future. Things will turn of more interest as it merges with wearable technology, which will make it more effective and productive than ever before.

Instant Access

Imagine if you could run an App without downloading and installing on your phone!

Google promised to launch this instant feature and probably 2017 could be the year to make it happen. With the launch of this surprise by Google, there will be no waiting for the App to be downloaded, no data wastage, no loss of memory and it would also let the users get rid of unwanted App shortcuts on their screens, though instant App access may lack some features but would enhance the quick insight of the App.

App Security

As for now mobile users were more than assured of the security associated with the App they download into their mobile. the cloud computing swiftly capturing a good portion on the the pie chart , eventually facilitating  data movement over the inter servers and devices , they could be sensitive and  sheer quantity of data that sometimes treat as access to the other account and contacts are vulnerable to various security threats. People are not aware of these security concerns to the extent they should.This would be a challenge for the Mobile App developers to ensure the security level through APIs or in App itself.Apple does not have trust on objective C anymore and launched Swift as it’s own development language which is more promising in this aspect.Developers are willing to adopt this as their new programming language since it got a profound ability to impart better user experience and new features , this is surely going to be a game changer.

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