Which Macbook is better for Ruby on Rails development?

If you are not concerned with price range, then there are a lot and you can select any of the Macbook Retina. Modern laptops, 2010 and up, will be OK to most Rails tasks. You can try a Retina since it make a real step up, with the flask disk and the amazing screen. Try one at your closest mac shop or maybe with a friend. It is really a job to write code on any editor of your and the disk speed will be a huge difference in a lot of tasks, both dev and non-dev. The Ruby on Rails (RoR) development services can be provided using a Macbook.

Better Macbook for Ruby on Rails

1.   Though Macbook makes a great Laptop for web development, it really is not necessary. But if you would like to buy a starting model of a macbook for Ruby on Rails development as you hardly use RAM eating software in rails development.  We are at a series where we can even do rails development even in a chromebook through the browser (nitrous io especially amazing).

3.    MacBook Pro is short and skinny with following few features:
•    13” Screen
•    4 GB RAM
•    2.4 GHz CPU Intel core i5
•    500 GB Toshiba SATA
•    16 GB DDR 1333 MHz DDR3

5.   The biggest advantage of Macbook Pro Retina with 17 processor and 16GB of RAM because:
•    Retina doesn’t tire your eyes and you will observe the difference between any other standards screen and a retina one. After using Retina, you may assure that you won’t be as eager as before to attach an external monitor unless is a retina monitor.
•    You need the 17 processor for intensive tasks which in some cases you will encounter quite often. For example if you run tests in parallel you will notice the difference in tens of seconds or even minutes, when running large test suites.
•    Memory will be necessary to be able to run multiple processes directly in memory. Using an IDE like RubyMine is also quite a big memory consumer. Caching the app in memory for performance increase is also another use case. Running test in parallel will require starting multiple instances of your application. Thus the needed memory for each instance will require more RAM.

2.  If possible, the best can be Retina display Biggest screen, the text looks good in that with 4- 8 GB RAM, and whichever macbooks fits will work great. Rails will work great with most Mac Books.

4.    For acceptable speed and responsiveness, you can go with using:
•    Chrome
•    Smart Git
•    RubyMine

MacBook pro mid 2013 is great and sufficient for professional development of Magento, PHP, node and virtualize with vagrant, also as it has a 13 inch screen, it allows greater mobility. For any other queries related to Macbook and Ruby on Rails, feel free to contact us at Laitkor.com helpdesk.

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