Mobile app predictions 2017

The changing mobile apps trends have attracted and alerted the masses to be keep a keen eye over new advancements. There are various aspects which are required to be pondered upon 2017 from the innovation perspective.

Mobile Apps have become old story yet improvised every interval, however the rapid trend of device apps, wearables, VR, AI and cloud based mobile Apps are being considered more sensational. In the near future it is greatly expected that Mobile App Development may get merged into Device App development as the latter one would include the prior.

Here are some of the speculations for the Mobile Apps in 2017

GPS technology integrated with Beacon:

Beacon transmits a regular signal at every 1/10th of a second. Beacons are installed in enterprises, malls etc and are expected to transmit a signal of concern, whatever it may be. The signals transmitted or received are totally dependent on what they are programmed for. On the whole beacons are generally supposed to tell the exact location of programmed instance. Uber has made the best use of this location based technology.

Virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence:

Virtual or augmented reality have got their exclusive shelves in the smart contexts, Pokemon Go would endorse this statement to a greater extent. On the other hand Artificial intelligence is slow to surge but every time comes more attention seekers and is embraced with open hands. Algorithm are no more less complex than Artificial intelligence.

Cloud based Mobile Apps :

The moving trend is not just confined to smart mobiles any more, to be more smart in this era, smart mobile are required to be bridged with IoT, AI and wearables etc. and this is the stage where cloud based mobile apps are expected to play a vital role . Security is treated as major constraint and is promising with the use of cloud based Mobile Apps. This is very enticing for the developers to get engaged with the every trendy feature under a single roof.


Internet of things is all about connecting one device to another. IoT future is not very determined but is expected to show its significance in the future. Whatever connected in the technology world is through Internet Of Things. With the rapid introduction of smart devices and wearables, IoT has grown exponentially and in coming years it is expected that it would takeover and would require developers to extend their attention from smart phones to smart device development.

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