Mobile Apps Vs Mobile site

This  blog intends to shed a light over Mobile website Vs Mobile Apps, prior to that it’s imperative to  understand some basic differences between these two .

Mobile websites are the same website which run over the desktop or laptop screens except their capability to adjust their layouts according to the screen size they come across like that of iPad, Tablets, mobile screen sizes etc. They too run on the browsers where as Mobile Apps are designed and developed on different platforms with specific functionalities to hit the target audience which the users are well aware of prior to downloading the Apps.

This is the sound epoch of mobile Apps ,where most part of the population knows what does the App do, but it does not mean that mobile websites have lost their significance, if it had the reality we would not have been discussing the Mobile website Vs Mobile Apps rather we would be focusing over the benefits of Mobile Apps over Mobile websites.

When it comes to decide whether to go with Mobile website or Mobile Application , it really depends upon the end goal you have, if you are planning to launch a game then you would follow the line ends with the Mobile App where as if you are planning to hit the maximum web audience through your web contents then mobile website will be the best choice, however it’s a screaming announcement that you should have a website prior to plan for an App.

Let us have a glance over the mobile website mileage:


Mobile websites can run over different browsers and devices and thus can reach to users having different type of mobile devices, whereas Mobile App requires to be developed on specific mobile technology to be accessed over that particular device like Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc. Mobile websites are open with their arms to get integrated within other technologies Like QR, SMS etc.


As discussed above mobile website run over the browsers, so it happens to be as quick as you click to populate the response over the screen, mobile website does not let the user to wait for their result, where as Mobile App asks the users to first download the app and install it which most of the time causes users to skip.


It’s easier for users to search a page with links and this happens with the website and even better if it’s mobile website, pages are easier to be listed under specific directories and thus bring a quick findability and search over listings.


Users can send URLs more easily via communicating sources like email, chat, SMS, social networking sites etc and thus can directly redirect them to the page, Mobile App cannot let the user experience this fashion.

Best of Mobile Apps:

Notwithstanding many inherent benefits of mobile Web, Mobile App got it’s own electrifying significance in the specific domains like Gaming, Reporting/Chart, Complex calculations etc.

Mobile web are gaining good name at accessing mobile functionalities like GPS, click to call, SMS etc. However when the application requires to access Phonebook, camera or any preinstalled mobile App, essentially Mobile App would be called upon for help and the App is the thing which can handle it best. Best thing with the App is that it allows you to access some fundamental features even if you are offline, think of the Bank App, it allows you to calculate EMI even if you are offline.


With the enormous growth of Mobile users , this question with organizations  will keep on adding glue to bill by bill, whether Mobile web or App?

If you plans to hit maximum audience with the marketing driven schemes or want to let  users  share links and contents, want mobile searchable over the search engines, then really Mobile web development will be a good choice. On the other hand if your aim is to provide gaming like experience, complex computation or you need to access phone in-built Apps like camera, phonebook etc then it’s urged to go with Mobile App as it would serve best.

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