Which PHP CMS is more secure: Drupal, WordPress or Joomla?

All the three CMS’s are being contributed by a large group of developers and are active in development. As these are Open-source and actively being developed the PHP Developers strive to face any vulnerability. Updates and patches are released if they find any vulnerability. Every active CMS strive to be secure and provide hassle free experience.

Which is more secure?

1.    Any site can be considered “insecure”. If hackers can access banks, major security company websites, government information- a WordPress or Joomla install isn’t much for them. The key is to take as many precautions as possible, keep the core software updated version wise and realize that CMS’s are tools not answers to the security situation overall.

3.    Drupal has less vulnerability as compared to Joomla, and the condition to exploit Drupal needs permissions granted to trusted users. Joomla is more vulnerable due to the sheer number of exploits and the ability to trigger the exploit as an authenticated user.

WordPress has more security issues compared to Joomla and Drupal, but third party plugins help to add some extra firewall to enforce a lot of good security practices. One of the most popular of these plugins is all in one WordPress Security plugins.

2.   The Joomla core is reasonably secure due to its more OOP nature coding. It has a robust framework, user-friendly back-end interface for better content management, support of innumerable extensions, eye candy look & feel and SEO friendly features which make Joomla an award winning CMS.

4.    Drupal is comparatively much more secured than other content management systems. The enterprise level security makes Drupal website safe from hackers that is why the big enterprises and government websites are built-up with Drupal. Drupal can’t be beaten up by the WordPress or Joomla when it comes to delivering more than hundred types of stuff through a single website.

Instead of looking at security track records, consider security policies, whether security is taken seriously, If there are security guidelines for new developers, whether there’s dedicated security team and a process in place for reporting, fixing and distributing fixes. All three of them can be made to be pretty safe. What’s usually overlooked though, is that the real issues is with how hosting providers set up their servers.

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