Why do PHP developers love Laravel?

Laravel is an open source web framework available for developing web application. It is written in PHP and distributed in MIT license. If PHP developers want to create everything from the scratch over time period and in a no rush, then Laravel could be used for the purpose. It is one of the trusted platform preferred by many of the companies. Laravel platform offers a wide spectrum of web development solution which attracts many of the framework development companies.

Here are some of the points to answer the reason behind PHP developers to love Laravel

1.    Laravel, as a framework has evolved a lot since version 3. Also Laracast (The best Laravel and PHP screencast) is one of the best screencast for software. It is not just concerned with the deployment and framework but also with the ease in the software development process.

2.    Laravel is a cocktail of all the good features from important frameworks like ROR and .Net. It is generally considered PHP on Rail.

3.    Here is the list of features which makes this frameworks incomparable with others:

•    Migration: It is the code representation of the database schema. The development team is independent from menial tasks of sharing SQL (Structured Query Language) dumps with new developers.

•    Awesome Documentation: Taylor never release a version of Laravel with improper Documentation, so Laravel is a developer friendly. The way of coding and writing description is done in a simple, detailed and consistent way.

•    Database seeding: This reduces the stress of the developer from populating data manually. It is very useful when dealing with APIs and web services.

•    Eloquent: It is one of the best ORM to understand easily and it has a clean syntax.

•    Elixir: These days tasks are automated to take care. Elixir is a gulp wrapper of running task automatically.

•    Blade: It is a Laravel rich template engine with clean syntax to pick up. HTML can be written easily by using Blade.

•    Artisan CLI: it is simple to create your own custom commands using Artisan CLI. It finds its importance as a tool for creating controller, seeding database and running unit test.

•    Forge: Taylor created aservice called Forge which provides the ease in the deployment of Laravel apps.

•    Dependency Injection: This makes unit testing quite easy. It promotes TDD & BDD style of coding and reusing of codes.

•    Authentication code: It is not required to write authentication code for every new app that the developer needs to create. Basic authentication is available by default in a new install of Laravel.

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