Why Should PHP Guys Learn Golang?

Go, or Golang is an open source community featuring fast, reliable, and scalable productive languages and is created by Google. There are many reasons why PHPers should learn Golang and here are some of those reasons:

Golang is quite easy to learn

While PHP is surely an easy language to learn, Golang development is as easy as PHP. The PHP syntax is akin to C family’s programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. if you are experienced in these languages, it would not be difficult for you to write some codes in PHP.

Golang development is also a part of C programming language with a little syntax difference. For instance, the keyword “for” is same as PHP however minus the pair parentheses. Also the keyword “If” is also without the pair of parentheses.

Golang development consists of only 25 keywords and 47 operators, delimiters or other tokens. However, there is no need to make an effort to remember all the literals. The types system is great and quite easy to use. There is no big OO, however, practical struct type with methods included in it. One of the most interesting parts of Golang is interface design.

Golang has an easy to use interface

The PHP script will be assessed by SAPI components including PHP-fpm, web server module, or CLI. All PHP deployment needs is a SAPI setting. And for a PHP beginner deployment of SAPI environment is one of the most difficult things to understand.

All the Golang’s codes will be collected and linked into inhabitant code. So there is no requirement for deployment environment for its execution. However, you are required to build an environment. As compared to the deployment of the PHP environment, the Golang deployment is not that hard.

To build a Golang deployment environment, you will need to follow three steps:

  • Download Golang’s source code.
  • Setup the variables for the environment
  • Run the “all.bash” in the ‘src’ directory

Then you can use the toolset known as “go.” Using the toolset Go is as easy as using PHP’s CLI tool.

There is a Myth related to PHP

If you find a programming language is easy to learn as well use, should you learn and use it? There are lots of programming language that you can learn easily as well as are easy to use.  Should you perfect them all? Of course, the answer is no.

Then if PHP is easy to learn and use, then why a PHP guy should learn Golang development? Maybe because it is cooler than PHP, surely that is not it.

PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language that is mainly designed for web development to create active web pages. One of the most important features of PHP is setting in with HTML.PHP code written in “<?php…?>”tag; HTML written outer. It also features robust extension system. The extension can be written by using paired with Zend API. These extensions were used to do data processing. PHP IMO is probably the best cut-out programming language. However, if you have a great experience with PHP and have dealt with the complicated web application, then you must have noticed the areas where PHP lacks. PHP doesn’t include threads, built-in mechanism, multiprocessing, X-routines, etc. Your entire page processing can be blocked by slow data source, so you need a powerful web server for PHP.

Golang development or Go comes with GC, so there is no need to worry about memory management. As the code is collected in the home machine code thus “cp” and “mv” are all you require to deploy the Golang application. Golang developed is collected language with static system type, so there are no confused variable types.

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