React.js taking over front-end development

React.js, a JavaScript library simplifies the development process of a user interface component. This framework supports the React.js developer to create reusable and integrated components like tab bars, comment boxes, sortable tables, pop up models and many more. React.js UI framework renders the chosen components with great ease which enhances reliable performance without any complexity.

React development acts as a base to develop a single web page or any mobile application. For complex react development, additional libraries for routing and state management and API interaction are necessary.

Here are some of the React features which make it best  for front-end development

  1. Virtual DOM – Virtual DOM is a programming concept where the virtual representation of a UI is set aside in the memory and then synced with the real DOM. React web development uses Virtual DOM by modeling two versions of DOM – the original DOM and then the updated one. The updated one is responsible for reflecting the updates done on the view. The React.js UI framework identifies the alterations and changes those UI parts that differ from the original.
  2. React NativeReact development has also transformed the mobile app development field. The React app development allows developers to produce and deploy mobile apps in JavaScript and that work as the ones developed in native Java. React uses a compilation of native code for both Android and iOS to write exclusive UI components. The switching from the web to mobile is well-managed by React.
  3. JSX: React blends JavaScript and HTML to form an accessible JSX file. By this way, a react developer gets the liberty to write similar code like HTML right into their JavaScript. This process is fast and convenient by giving the react developer a way to build a reusable UI component.  
  4. Interactive User Interfaces: React.js developers can shape and define the User Interfaces according to the requirement. The Front-end developers will have to describe the interfaces with the functions for desired components which automate the development process.
  5. Reusable Components: Interactive components are in huge demand. React web development supports interactive components.
  6. One-Way Data Flow:  React uses unidirectional data flow which ensures clear data flow architecture through your application. This focused flow allows the react developers to have better control over the functions.
  7. Flux Programming: In the MVC structure, React is the ‘V’ while the Flux is the ‘M’ and ‘C’ components. This architecture is used to create data layers in applications that are built using JavaScript. It accelerates the entire updating and the bug-tracking process by identifying and managing ‘Actions.’


As discussed, React JS web development has many advantages. The Virtual DOM allows easy usage, the reusable components of React speed the development process, JSX file ensures that the code works, and unidirectional flow offers optimal control. React JS Development Company works with outstanding tools for React JS web development to enable the business to scale-up.

We, at Laitkor, provide React JS web development services to help you build a web application of your choice. At Laitkor, we have an expert team of ReactJS developers who can help to provide React JS web development services. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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