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There are few questions that a company generally wants the clear answer before hiring any Python developer. Here are few of them:

  1. Define Python

This is a very simple question that almost every candidate concocts themselves to answer such as a question. You, as a company recruiter must find one who clarifies the terms very well and specifically. It is a significant programming language that contains modules, exceptions, threads, objects and automatic memory management.

  1. Is there any benefit of using Python?

This is also a legal question that must be necessarily answered before moving ahead. Yes, there are a number of assistances of using Python as a programming language. The list of features generally include: simplicity, user-friendly, portability, extensibility and availability of default data structure.

  1. What is PEP 8?

It is a coding convention. PEP 8 is a collection of recommendations that make Python code more readable for programmers.

  1. Can you define Pickling and Unpickling?

Pickle is a module that can be used to convert Python into a string representation and dumps it into file with the help of “dumb” function. This complete process is known as Pickling. Talking about unpickling, it is a process in which developer retrieves original Python objects from the stored string representation.

  1. Can anyone manage memory in Python? Is there any special method?

Python memory can be managed by its Private Heap Space. All the objects and data structures of Python are located in a private Heap. There is also a nonpayment garbage collector that recycles the used memory, cleans it up and makes it available to that Heap Space.

  1. Is there any tool that helps in determining bugs in Python?

Yes, Lambda in Python is a single expression unidentified function that is often used as an inline function.

  1. What is Docstring?

When talking in terms of programming, a docstring is a string literal quantified in source code that can be used as like a comment, to document a specific segment of code.

  1. Explain the generators in Python?

A generator ‘generates’ value. Creating generators was made as straightforward as conceivable through the notion of generator functions, introduced concurrently.

  1. How to copy an object in Python?

Shallow copy conceptsa new compound objects and then inserts orientations into it to the objects found in the original. A deep copy ideas a new compound object and then, recursively, inserts copies into it of the objects found in the original.

There are many similar questions that can be asked from candidates who would like to get hired by your company. To hire Python developers having great development skills, you can ask them such discussed questions and judge them on the basis of quality answers and understanding.

With so many applications, it is hard to find a good Python developer for your Python application development, even though it is one of the most popular languages out there. By tapping into developer communities, you will be able to speak to developers who take their own resourcefulness to improve their technical skills. In order to interview successfully, it is significantly important to have a well-defined and well-planned hiring process that is tailored to the nuances of Python.

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