Reason Why Popular Resources Use Python as Their Core Technology? By Laitkor Infosolutions Python development services

Python is a one-stop shop and relatively easy to learn, thus quite popular these days. It is quite popular among programmers, but the practice shows that business owners are also supporters of Python Development services. Software developers are keen for its straight forward and direct syntax. Python Development services are also reputed as one of the easiest programming languages to learn and operate.

Python Development services for the Core Technology

Business owners appreciate the fact there’s a framework for almost anything- from web apps to machine learning and that is Python. Moreover, it is not just a programming language but more a technology platform that has come together through a gigantic collaboration from a number of individual professional developers forming a huge and peculiar community of aficionados.

Some of the popular brands that used Python to their resources are Google, NASA, WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS, PHILIPS, RED HAT, NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE, DROPBOX, WORDSTREAM and many others. These brands keep an immense trust on Python Development Services that is working daily and regularly.

The tangible benefits of Python to those who use it as a core technology

It is already aired within the development area that developing Python applications is approximately up to 10 times faster than developing the same application in Java or C/C+++. The impressive benefit in terms of time saving can be explained by the clean object oriented design, enhanced process control capabilities, and strong integration and text processing capabilities. Moreover, its own unit testing framework contributes substantially top its speed and productivity.


Web development shows no sign of decline, so technologies for rapid and productive web development still prevail within the market. Along with JavaScript and Ruby, Python with its most popular web framework Django, has great support for building web apps and is rather popular within the web development community.


In Python’s official; website, it is stated that it is developed under an OSI-approved open source license, making it freely usable and distributable. Additionally, the development is driven by the community, actively participating and organizing conference, meet-ups etc. fostering friendliness and knowledge sharing.


It is said to be the simplest language that can give quick results without wasting much time on constant improvements and digging into the complex engineering insights of the technology. Even though Python programmers are really in high demand these days, its friendliness and attractiveness only helps to increase number of those eager to master this programming language.


Python is being widely used for the broadest spectrum of activities for nearly all possible industries. It ranges from simple automation tasks to gaming, web development, and even complex enterprise systems. These are the areas where this technology is still the king with no or little competence. It provides machine learning, web development, cloud computing and scripting.

Python is a programming language with a very long and rich history. It is a very well-documented language so it is worth considering when looking for the core technologies for a next project. There are many successful projects made with Python.

There are many areas where Python is still the king with little or no competence. These 8 popular resources have inspired the society to trust on Python and thus you will be able to see a number of Python’s followers

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