The Rising Popularity of Azure Application Development amongst Enterprises

In the recent years, cloud computing has increasingly moved to a destination with no return and has already become a reality. You need a platform to use the benefits of cloud computing. Azure is a cloud computing platform used to build and host applications. Azure has helped many enterprises as it offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) to the organizations and businesses for deploying new services. Azure is comprised of certain tools which allow developers to deploy new services in the cloud infrastructure. Azure application development has benefitted with the fact that it fulfils all the security standards needed to an enterprise, that is; Azure can assist developers in developing secure e-commerce solutions and website applications, saving time and capital compared to other applications. Here are some of the reasons why there is a sudden rise in the popularity of Azure Application Development amongst Enterprises.

  1. The dream of developing visualization applications can be facilitated using Azure

Azure is one of the biggest cloud computing platforms which can help in the development of major visualization applications that uses big data. With the increase in the amount of data day by day, many enterprises are struggling to manage the big data they are generating. However, Azure Event Hubs provides the developers with the benefit of extracting big data. It works on the principle of publish-subscribe service which can be used to collect billions of data and events per second, although it can be processed in real-time as well.

2. Azure is a boon for mobile application developers

For developing secure and feature-rich mobile applications, many mobile application developers use Azure as a platform to build apps. This gives the developers  flexibility to develop feature rich applications which are secured also. Azure is cross-platform in nature which makes it preferred by many application developers to develop safe and secure mobile applications. On the other hand, the application developed can be modified and utilized according to the need of the client.

3. Azure benefits with Micro services

Azure application development is gaining popularity due to the fact that it is faster and easy to use. The Azure application services use a micro service architecture where the developers can develop secure and advanced applications. This is because the micro-services are comprised of numerous independent components which allow the developer to put together all the functions to construct an application.

4.    Easy to manage Big Data

Data comes in all types of format like video, audio, email, numeric, traditional databases and more from different sources. This makes it difficult to link data across the systems, and if not linked, your data will get out of control. Azure application development allows the developers to put additional features in the application to manage and utilize the big data. The demand for big data is increasing daily, and it is impossible to handle this much amount of data without a platform. Azure provides with numerous services which can help a developer to develop such applications which can store and manage a large amount of data efficiently.

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