Why is Ruby on Rails better?

The main benefit of Ruby on Rails is fast development.  The framework follows principle like convention over configuration and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY). The purpose of these principles is to make development faster. These allow developers to follow a more structured development. Our Ruby on Rails (RoR) development services provides a number of features which makes it better.

Ruby on Rails as a better framework

1.    Rails prevent you from writing a lot of code that you might otherwise write or cobble together from other sources, including an Object-Relational Mapping, a routing system and a templating language.

3.   Rails enforces many good software engineering practices including MVC. It is very mature, probably the most mature modern web framework in existence, and it has carried a number of startups to huge success. The community is highly collaborative and most of the gems are well-tested, very healthy, Open Source projects with many contributors and frequent releases.

5.    Fast development speed depends on Compatibility with the existing ecosystem. Many startups prefer to deploy their apps on a PaaS significantly lowers initial software adoption cost. Nearly all of them support Ruby on Rails out of the box. Rails incorporate “RESTFUL Architecture” out of the box. This means startups don’t need to hire someone to implement RESTFUL code. Rails would ensure that anyway.

2.   It gives you access to hundreds of gems, the most useful of which are very well- maintained, widely deployed and well tested. Rails has a tremendous community, and the answer to your problem is likely out there. Rails was built with agile development in mind. It’s in the title of the book by the framework’s creator. It is easy to make changes to the code you write, especially if you write tests.

4.    It has a tremendous Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development (BDD) community. No other language or framework comes so close. The testing tools are incredibly mature, the support is out there for people learning it, and if you find a good Ruby developer to hire, chances are he or she knows how to test and loves doing it. Ruby has many interesting languages features that make advanced testing techniques like mocking and stubbing possible.

Rails is a web application framework running on the Ruby programming language. It basically facilitates the building of web application in the Ruby language. You can write a Web Application without Rails, just in Ruby, but it would be a whole lot more complicated. For any other queries related to ROR development, you can contact us as Laitkor.com helpdesk.

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