What is the JavaScript MVC framework with the most momentum?

It is good to say that the topic queries about JavaScript MVC framework. It may be appropriate to say which among them is better to build apps like Facebook or Google+ where rendering of whole browser page like traditional web framework (rails, django, cakephp) do is no more okay. So, in the new world of web apps, the user log in and html page is sent and the DOM may be changed only by the JavaScript and the templates are also only in JavaScript on the Client’s side.

Frameworks that have gained the most momentum

1. Angular for client side

Angular is among the favorite backbone and Ember of all frameworks, that is backed by Google and having some features of cutting edge. In last one year or few, it has gained massive momentum in speed, testability and maintainability.

•    In Russia, Knockout is still popular,
•    In USA, Ember is among the most popular,
•    Also, Angular is popular worldwide and has more momentum.

3.    Express for Node

They are the best framework to use when using with Node.

5.    D3 for charting and graphical data representation.

Choosing best according to the development environment:-

1.    If you want to do lots of web application stuffs? Go for Backbone.js
2.     If you want to do lots of data handling? Go for Angular.js
3.    If you want to do for a heavy Game?Go for the Gaming Engine

2.    Node for Server side programming in js

this has alone revolutionized the js world. They open up a new frontier for js developers and pave the way for full stack js app development.

4.    Meteor

They serve for the feature of all in one. So, it is one of the best MVC Framework to work with.

Here is the website list of famous JavaScript MVC framework:

1.    http://backbonejs.org
2.    http://meteor.com
3.    http://knockoutjs.com
4.    http://emberjs.com
5.    http://angularjs.com
6.    http://Javascriptmvc.com
7.    http://activejs.com
8.    http://batmanjs.com
9.    http://dojotoolkit.org
10.    http://cappuccino.org

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