Ruby vs. Python: Which is better & more powerful for web development?

Both Ruby and Python are good, well-designed, modern, flexible and very good for productivity. Both of them can work for programming and web development, but it is difficult to award any of them better. So before answering such a question, one must suits it with personality/preferences and language strength. Better in preference and language, more suitable is that programming language.

Both of them are used in high level web development and are popular among web developers. They are famous for their rapid development cycle; Python boasting computation efficiencies and Ruby boasting code design benefits.

These are some of the factors to be noted:

•  Python generally believes the importance of readability, so it focuses on it as such there is one-true way of writing programming codes.

Ruby keeps no such limitations and free its operators to their choice. There are generally two different ways to achieve programming. The selection relatively depends on the personality and the command over the programming language.

So, on the basis of such an effect, Python is better than Ruby, since most of the user prefer readability over flexibility.

•    From the point of web development Ruby+rails+etc holds a slight edge over Python+Django+etc . For data manipulation, system administration, analytics and scientific programming, Python is better.

•    As related to jobs, there are more jobs available for Ruby development than that for Python development.

A large number of people is actively choosing Ruby over Python instead of the fact that Python is more popular than Ruby.

Any web application can define its usage depending on the number of users of that application/software. There are more projects in Ruby than Python. If the project is just a simple web app, one must go for Ruby. But if someone needs to process with lots of data, then Python is best suited for it.

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