Nutch Development Services

Nutch Development Services

Nutch is a successful open source web crawler based on Lucene/Solr and written in Java for the search and indexing component. Main features of Apache Nutch are web crawling, indexing, tools for crawl management, HTML, PDF, DOC parsers etc. It also carries a commendable expandable architecture that allows an additional functionality to document parsers, custom content parsers and custom scoring algorithms.

Nutch can be run on a single machine and also on a distributed environment with Apache Hadoop. Using Nutch, we can find page hyperlinks in an automated way, cut short a lot of maintenance tasks such as finding broken links etc. We can also create a copy of all the pages visited for searching.

Our Nutch experience is backed by exponentially increasing successful completed project's count year after year!

  • 2015
  • 2016

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Laitkor’s Nutch Web Application Development

Laitkor has built Andiamosystems website using Nutch technology. The site aims at providing services for measuring internet sales or we can say word of mouth measurement. This is a tool for tracking marketing buzz.


Laitkor Nutch Development Services

  • Configuring on distributed environment
  • Integration of cassandra, hbase and MongoDB
  • ElasticSearch & solr integration
  • Configuring filters and parsers
  • Thread size configuration
  • Configuring robot.txt parameters
  • Integration of OPIC algorithm for scoring purpose
  • Timely installing and upgrading to latest versions for monitoring jobs
  • Creating customized parser
  • Creating customized filter
  • Creating Nutch Plugin
  • Parsing and indexing images
  • Customizing Nutch workflow
  • Developing customized scripts for running nutch jobs

Check our other Nutch related work on BigData/Hadoop/HBase and D3.js here

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Outstanding experience! Highly recommended. Good communication and professional work. Delivered on time and very satisfied. 10 on 10 review rating as they fixed my iOS gaming app for all the bugs!

MBS Port
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