Top PHP Frameworks that help Developer Code better in Less Time

Simply put, time is money! Today, it is not only important to complete development with great quality, it is imperative that we do it faster too. If you are a developer into custom PHP development, you can not only code better but also faster with certain PHP frameworks. We are a Laravel development company and we have shortlisted some of the top PHP frameworks that can help you in this regard in this blog.

#1: Laravel – for elegant code that can build robust apps

We are a Laravel development company primarily and we can’t simply talk enough about this superior framework! Whether it is easy web application development or writing easy code that can accomplish many things from access control, routing, sessions management, caching, etc. in a large enterprise app context, Laravel is the platform of choice for developers working on custom PHP development. In fact, Laravel boasts of about 43% use when compared to other frameworks for PHP enterprise development. Not only that, it works wonderfully for third party packages too! So, you get support for SQLLite, MySQL and SQLServer among others.

#2: Phalcon – Speed with great built-in security

If you are looking at express PHP development, Phalcon is a great choice. Being a C extension, it is great for low resource utilization and comes with really impressive performance. It comes with ready to use PHP classes and thus there is no need for a PHP developer looking to use Phalcon to actually learn C. Being built on C and being available as a PHP extension, Phalcon has great speed, performance, built-in security and is very much developer friendly. The only problem with Phalcon is that it isn’t as open source as say Laravel and this means less community support for newbies.

#3: CodeIgniter – Developer Friendly and High performance

If you are into PHP application development, you must be familiar with this platform. It has great documentation, is developer friendly and provides the support for using normal web hosting services and databases. It is recognized as one of the best and top performing frameworks for custom PHP development in the industry owing to its light framework, zero installation requirements and ready-made libraries that have really good features. If you are on a tight deadline, this is a really good platform to work with and deliver on time. It is behind Laravel in its project use and has a share of close to 15% as compared to Laravel’s 43.

#4: CakePHP – Clean PHP application development with good security

CakePHP is a PHP Framework often chosen for its web app security and modern framework support. It has a project use of about 5.5-6% and is actively chosen for web applications that have commercial uses. It has built-in security features that can help prevent cross site scripting, SQL injection and other such common threats apart from having good form validation packages. It is thus labelled as one of the most secure PHP frameworks available and is the active choice for PHP developers when security is a key parameter.

Apart from these frameworks, there are others too such as Yii, Zend, Aura, PHP-MVC, Fat Free, Symfony, Fuel PHP and Kohana, etc. that are actively chosen for development across the PHP developer community.

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