What price should be charged for python application & python development Services? By Laitkor Infosolutions Python development services

There are a lot of ways for pricing your work. You should price it at the maximal price which is low enough to get the project. You should not be greedy and don’t sell yourself short. Customers who mean business do not care about hourly rates and billed hours, why would anyone care if it took you 10 hours and you build them 50$ an hour? Surely, it is not a bad compromise.

Pricing for Python Application

1.    It is actually a pretty good filter to work for customers who need a better app even if take you a little long time to build it. The customers who insist on setting the hourly rates for you are the worse customers; try to steer clear. This is not to say that technical customers might want to see the basics of your estimations by all means, share your architecture and high level design. Just don’t let them set your hourly rates.

2.    A lot of contracting work is by the hour. When you are working on your own you have more expenses, for example, in the US you have to pay the employers share of payroll taxes as well as your own, so to some extent it depends on your tax situation.

3.    Additionally, as an employee you would likely receive healthcare and other benefits. So a good rule of thumb is to charge double what you would get working for a larger company. Hit the web and figure out what a reasonable starting wage is for a Python programmer and go from there.

4.    The other part is how many hours of works are involved. That could be all over the map as you might be creating your application from scratch or modifying code you already have. Then you have hours and an hourly rate to make your estimate. Of course you can tailor it to fit the contract.

5.    In general, it is unusual to get paid more if the customers sell the application. They are hiring you to build them something for them and that normally means they get full rights to the work too. However, you might be able to also retain the rights to sell or reuse the code in future projects. If nothing is said, then all rights probably go to the employer.

You need to determine your time estimate for the project. Also determine the expectations; if it is just coding or hosting and maintaining it is also associated. You may create an inventory system and consider the extra expenditure involved during the application framing. If you need any Python development services, do contact us.

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