Why Business needs ROR Development Services

ROR Development Services

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is an open source framework and an Object Oriented Programming language that is used for web development applications. It consists of Rail, which is a development tool and Ruby which is the programming language. ROR is the much-preferred platform used by web developers as it provides great speed and easy to use as compared to other frameworks. By making use of this framework, web applications can be updated easily and are reflected immediately to use. According to Java expert, David Geary, web applications on ROR are faster as compared to Java-based applications.  ROR is built up with the following components:

  • Object-relational mapping layer called Active record
  • Controller and functions manager called Action pack
  • Email handler called Action mailer
  • Action web services
  • Prototype

Benefits of ROR on Business

Ruby on Rails is sometimes called Rails is a software toolkit that is used for development of websites and applications. Any web applications should have a proper flow of pages that is easy for the users to navigate. The web pages should be designed in a way that it provides a user-friendly approach and also give a faster navigation to the users.

Here, let us see the benefits of Ruby on Rails on business.

ROR is time-efficient

ROR consists of many built-in plugins and modules. These plugins and modules are used by developers for web development without making it necessary to write a code. By making use of this platform it becomes easy for the developers to build applications faster than any other framework and programming languages.

ROR also provides the developers a standardized approach to file storage and programming conventions. By following this, projects can be structured and readable. When the code is in place it becomes easy for the developers to update when there is a need for it thereby saving time. ROR also supports rapid project development with the help of MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern.

ROR is cost effective

Most of the businesses might face tight budgets in which case ROR being licensed open source framework, using ROR would be cost-effective for the businesses. The special libraries that it owns will allow the developers to add any functionality with respect to authentication, file uploading, and authorization. Rails make use of good coding styles because of which the development team will find it easy to fix bugs and deliver the project in a faster tone.

ROR is about quality

All IT application target on having an excellent quality for their products with no bugs and provide proper user satisfaction. ROR endorses the development of applications that are considered bug- free. The testing tool, Minitest helps the applications with its useful testing features that include test benchmarking, syntax and mocking.

ROR is scalable

At all instances, business will require scalability that allows them to expand and increase the revenue. Business scalability requires restructuring the IT infrastructure. It should be in a position to handle additional load i.e. it should handle more requests per minute. Any web application will work towards having more visitors visit their website. ROR will help the business to adhere to their business scalability.

ROR is secure

ROR security features that are built into the framework will provide security to the application. It follows the Secure Development Life Cycle that is a process of security assurance. The Ruby plugins security tests on every release to ensure that it provides a secure environment.


ROR is well known among the web developers as a simple and orderly syntax language. RubyGems which is the package manager makes the developers access open source software libraries. ROR provides a friendly approach for developers and its development services are best suited for business needs.

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