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Though the availability of these factors are rising in the increasing rates, still the web is far ahead due, straightforward to the age and popularity of the basics of medium. This could also be considered as a commonly acceptable reason for the constant increase in cost of iOS application development.

The cost is simultaneously affected by the increase in aggregate demand for such scarce commodities where the demand overrides its supply, the cost tend to increase. The demand moves upward for those with much experience with the language and framework associated with it. This may also be a reason for high cost of app development. This will be further explained in more detail.

Now let us report some views regarding the cost of iOS app development. It could be simulator weakness which is a kind of thing, developers get used to software. As discussed earlier, its cost could be analyzed through two approaches, one is through the demand-pull effect and other is through the cost-push approach. Rise in the demand for scarce commodity automatically give rise to its price. Now what would be the reason for its scarcity? It is available as a scarce means because it needs much efforts to learn, fee-based top enter, and very much time consuming to attain its skill in productivity. And the reason for its tough process to learn is because it is a system of-, by-, and for hardcore programmers, as apple hasn’t yet held its authoring system worldwide near to the users’ experience level to which it has been holding a consumer code.

It is a well-designed app and is only available at higher costs because sometime price is considered as a true indicator of its quality and if you want something of good quality, you will definitely have to pay higher. It also contains large number of successful mobile applications that constitute a combination of usability and good appearance to it.

An iOS has stringent standards when it is viewed with a point of view of submitting apps to iTunes stores. The most important process of app development is updating the apps and when we talk about Apple, it is must for the update to pass through the approval process many times before releasing it in public. This process assures you about the updates of your apps which add to the original cost of app development.

There is always a need for specialized developer for using a PC running iOS since Visual Studios will be left for no use.

Some cost of equipment and professional fees are also incurred for development. Some alternatives should be readily available for breaking into the Apple App Store. In this scenario, the developer need to buy a Mac as it is the only medium which can run the tools needed to create an iOS app.

Thus the cost structure is scheduled according to the requirements which are not a waste but adds to the quality of the product including the normal profits of distribution channel.

These are the reasons for the high costs for iOS app development.

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