Why is Node.js preferred for web application development?

Nowadays, most of the web developers are using Node.js for developing websites and web applications. Node.js is an open source platform built on JavaScript, that is; all applications included in Node.js have been developed under JavaScript. As Node.js is an open source platform, one can use the benefit of an event driven structure where anybody can use it to develop applications and websites. Along with that, the I/O domain provides the application with an optimized scalability and throughput. For the real-time applications, Node.js is the best, and there has been a huge growth in terms of users visiting a website developed in Node.js. Also, the Node.js development company provides the applications with modules and libraries from which the applications can act as a web server. Herein are some of the reasons why Node.js is preferred for web application development.

Node.js is fast

The Node.js development works on the scalability of the applications, thus making the execution time faster. By default, it runs on single thread and allows the user to manage multiple client requests with the help of clustering. This is one of the biggest points a developer seeks for before developing a web application. The Node.js development company uses the non-blocking I/O domain which allows it to only run on a single threaded model. Thus, the applications can consume less storage space.

Node.js is sharing enabled

Copying and reusing of a code is applicable under Node.js development. Therefore, one doesn’t require creating a new code every time. Instead, he/she can simply copy the code, and with some slight changes and modifications, that code can be used again and again. Also, Node.js consists of 50,000 packages in its library, and if the developer faces with any error regarding the programming, these packages can help him/her to find the solutions for the error. Therefore, reusing of code, sharing of a code and updating of code becomes much easier under Node.js.

Reading and data transmission is much easier in Node.js

The Node.js development is made asynchronous just to make sure that the task performing capabilities of the applications are good. Also, the non-blocking I/O domain and event-driven characteristics add to the benefits of using Node.js for developing the web applications. The data transmission is done through streams. The streams are a sort of pipes, a UNIX pipe where reading and data transmission becomes easier and faster because it allows both the server and client side to write the JavaScript.

Node.js is best suited for real-time applications

Real-time applications like instant chat applications can be developed under Node.js development. Also, Node.js development works on developing games with the help of non-blocking I/O domain and event-based servers. The event-based server is applicable for developing websites and web applications which can handle a large set of users in the real-time.

With the best Node.js development company, one can develop one of the best consumer and web applications which work on real-time. Node.js is best suited for developing real-time applications due to its versatility and flexibility towards the field. For the web developers, they might know how good Node.js is as it provides with chat options, can be accessed easily and provides with a user-friendly interface. Although, by default, it runs on a single threaded model, but this issue can be solved with the help of clustering and the node.js development take place under the JavaScript platform built on a V8 version. If we talk about where Node.js has been exactly used, applications like Chrome, Dow Jones and Twitter are all built under Node.js. Node.js is one of the best platforms for developing consumer applications.

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