Why would anyone choose Node.js Application Development services for web? By Laitkor Infosolutions Node.js Application Development

Node.js Application Development for web

1.    Node.js is fast and easy to prototype

Node.js makes extremely easy to prototype practically any type of web application in a smaller time when equated with others. The very energetic node.js community affords ready-to-use modules and deep knowledge that can protect your time when it comes to improve commodity features.

2.    NPM

It is the node.js package manager which represents the standard way to share code with the community and to manage external dependencies. By using community modules like express, mongoose, socket.io, everyauth, mocha etc. provide you with an authoritative toolbox to size a running application “LAMP equivalent” within a matter of hours.

3.    Cloud platform

There are number of platform as a service solution like heroku, Joyent cloud, nodejitsu which identifies node as first class technology and make install and scale of your application slight. Other analogous services, like Pagoda let you develop PHP+MySQL application easily as well, but at the moment there is more choices and better support for node technologies in the cloud IMHO.

4.    mongoDB and Redis

Commonly, a node.js scheme comes hand in hand with a NoSQL solution. MongoDB and Redis are balancing technologies that are very well unified with node.js. If you are doing a project without an interactive database, node.js is absolutely a good candidate.

5.    Javascript and coffescript

The fact that javaScript is the language of the browser made it essential for all web developers to pact with it. This means that nearly every developer can read JavaScript and are more capable of writing good, solid, robust client JavaScript for Node.js Application Development.

6.    Architecture

Node.js architecture will help you overcome performance and scalability problems. Operating system event system calls open up the development of all those soft real-time application which couldn’t be developed easily using other language.

7.    Costs

You can avoid costs for extra hardware. Theoretically you also save in system supervision time, since there is no necessity to bridge HTTP or TCP requests to alternative server side language. So you must duck Apache or NGINX setup and maintenance costs.

8.    Faster delivery

Node.js helps to deliver a prototype early due to multiple time savers. It also helps to share model code and tests between the client and server.

9.    Faster pivoting

Introduction of substantial changes to an application, as a result of business model change, happened flatter when the application model is centered on Node.js’s event-driven model quite than a classic MVC

10.    Easier scaling

The benefit of Node.js is that it is simply a way easier to scale than other technologies. It means that it is scale-ready just out-of-the-box. You do not have to do the magic start handling the scale.


With node.js, you may find it simpler to produce a web edge that can convey an experience that is much more collaborative with the user. Node.js offers concurrent API calls. It is grand for real time web apps and they scale well. Generally the communication between web server and database is most time exhaustive, but Node.js makes the database calls as-needed only bases. This makes it much faster.

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