API for Realtime SensorsAPI for Managing an Array of Real-time Sensors


This also facilitates reuse of components in other future derivations of this product. Moreover, it increases fault tolerance by orders of magnitudes by containing crashes inside a particular block.

  • OS: Linode
  • Server Side Language: Python
  • Client Side Technology: Angular.Js
  • Architecture: MVC

This app is a backend API for managing an array of real-time sensors. These sensors are a part of client’s flagship security suite. Functions range from changes in pitch and angle to subscription for web endpoints receiving automated data. Together with hardware and the front-end real-time mapping application SOW, it forms a full fledged robust real-time monitoring product.

This product is aimed at use by military and private groups alike, looking to deploy a maintenance free and fully automated security suite at borders of a protected area. Features of this product include operator alerts, auto detection/panning/zooming on a moving object, auto classification of events etc.

This app is broken into multiple independent parts for dealing with each aspect of operation. While it may not be obvious to an end user, it makes the architecture much more robust and scalable. Potential bottlenecks are easier to isolate and attend to. Various parts of app such as network api and data aggregation can be scaled higher than the rest of relatively low traffic components.


This was a big app and we had to create an API for real-time sensors. We do not had much experience in developing software interacting with hardware.


We created the back end API in Python for managing an array of real-time sensors.


The API worked successfully.

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