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Node.js provides an audio/video capture and uploading service which is used by the web application to provide customized audio and video recordings. It comprises of both the server side Javascript that deals with capturing, converting, saving and deletion of audio and video files as well as the client side javascript that captures the user-media (using HTML5) and interact with the server asynchronously using User audio/video from the browser is fed into an online database using websocket.

This project well showcases our knowledge of getUserMedia, websocket, mongodb and node.js.

It does:

  • audio/video recording and uploading
  • Realtime video conferencing
  • Recording various operations
  • Speech to Text conversion
  • OS: Linux
  • Language: Node.Js
  • Client Side Technology: WebRTC, Javascript, HTML5,  JQuery, AJAX
  • Architecture: Non Blocking, MVC

We have developed a web application which lets its registered users to send movie greeting cards to its users. The movie greeting card involves a small movie clip, which the users can select from a list of pre-uploaded movies. Users then can add their own greeting and a message in textual format, followed by the message in the Audio or Video format as well which is the best part of the application.

The application provides an address book to its users to manage their acquaintances. This address book comes handy while the users choose recipients for their movie cards.

Users can then see the preview of the movie card that they have selected and can send it to an unlimited number of people. The first movie card post registration is free. After the user sends his first card, he has to buy a package as provided by the web application.

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