Client Lunch Box

Users can email into the system a NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and NOTE and the system will store contacts for him and auto-que up a pre-set to-do list over 30 to 60 days for him to follow up with his contact client.

Technology Used

Ruby On Rails, CRM, PHP


It’s the first ever CRM system that can be used without ever having to login. You can add contacts via email and get reminders via email. Well suited for the non-savvy salesmen who doesn’t like logging into CRM software.

Client Lunch Box will remind him about this contact via email until a deal is closed. As an example, David uses it for networking at events, when he meets someone he’d like to remember and it reminds him until he contacts that person.


Challenge was to create a CRM considering the pains of on – field sales people. They generally dread managing their leads on CRMs and find that unproductive. So, we had to create something which even a non techie could handle.


We came with a concept where what least can be required from user to make things simpler for sales people (Name, email phone number of a lead/contact) and what maximum can be achieved with that information (That a CRM is entitled to do).


We created Client Lunch box where the only input required from a user was details of the lead/contact. Once details fed into the CRM, system would sent set reminders till the deal is either closed or marked dead. Reminder interval can be set as per requirement and if not set would use the default data. Best part is it sends email reminders so users doesnt has to login to check any notifications.

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