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Cloops is a fun way to discover great new things to eat, buy and do in your neighborhood at 50% off or more. It works simply in the way that you see and like a deal, click it, buy it and print your Cloops Voucher which is available immediately after purchase.

It also provides a unique feature that once a Cloops Voucher reaches its expiration date, it loses its promotional value, but you can still redeem it at the price you paid for the length of time stated by gift certificate laws in your state.

The different categories in which deals are available are Restaurants, Spa & Beauty, Fitness & Nutrition, Other (Fun Stuff, Services, Health & Medical, Shopping, Pets)

The deal search can also be done on basis of Newest, Closest, Cost (Lowest First), Cost (Highest First)

Also you can make money $5 while referring a friend.

Purchasing with Cloops is secure and safe as the credit card number is transmitted by SSL and it do not store the credit card information on its servers.

  • OS: Linux
  • Server Side Language: RoR
  • Client Side Technology: JQuery, Google Maps
  • Architecture: MVC
  • URL:
  • Making deals and offers from various vendors available in one place.
  • High amount of control and customization from admin panel.
  • Vendors have full control over offer restrictions without any interference from website staff.


Cloops is just another daily deal site but the challenge was to make it stand out from others available in the market and to provide a greater control and customization to the admin in a non technical way without any vulnerability.


Unlike other deal sites that let you buy just one deal per day Cloops lets you find the right deals in your locality (Mapping) and buy them when you want them. We offered many such features that the admin could control at its end and customize them too as and when he needs.


We successfully developed the site on latest technology and made it secure and safe by transmitting the credit card number through SSL and not storing information on the servers. Admin had full control over offer restrictions without any interference from website staff.

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