Cloud Contracts Management “CCM”Cloud Based Contract Management and Compliance Solutions


As name suggest, CCM is for Contract Management, designed specifically for ease-of-use and adaptation to the unique requirements of the healthcare industry.


OS: Windows
Server Side Language: ASP.NET, C# || SQL Server 2008 R2
Client Side Technology: JQuery, AJAX, ExtJs, TinyMCE, Lucene.Net
Architecture: nTier


CCM is a cloud based contract management and compliance solutions providing company. We in past have developed a SaaS – Cloud Contract Manager (CCM) for our client and recently have completed a more Dynamic and higher version of this SaaS.


Cloud Application Platform is a new and more dynamic higher version of CCM which is designed specifically for ease-of-use and adaption to any Industry / Company.


The challenge of this project was to generate a cloud editable contract from a pre-existing template. A user is able to edit the contract online using a special contract editor. The contract is structured as paragraphs and within the paragraphs a user can insert fields like address, signature and any other generic field as needed.


To come up with a solution the Software engineering team discussed with the clients, attorneys, looked at hundreds of different types of contracts to better understand the contract structure.

Once we had acquired the domain knowledge, we went about creating a few templates. These templates were modeled into objects using well known OOD “Object Oriented Design” concepts.

We leveraged the Microsoft ASP.NET stack on the Microsoft Cloud to build this solution.


The end result for the CCM project was stellar. The client loved the project. We were able to deploy it on the Microsoft Cloud, where the cloud compute resources are elastic per demand. The Microsoft ASP.NET MVC stack along with the SQL Server datastore has been powering the CCM product with close to a million contracts in the database.

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