Control CatalystInterface of Rule or Script checks writing


Dotnet 4.0,Ajax,Jquery


This is the interface where admin writes rules/checks that a script needs to perform when run on a server. The rules are written for each OS & it’s for version type.


1. Access Management Workflow

a. Account Create – The workflow is as follows

HR ( Raises a request ), ( Assigns Hardware & Software Access ) Approves -> Dept Head Approval (Hardware) ->VP Approval (Hardware) -> IT staff.

b. Reject Scenarios

If the Dept Head rejects the hardware access, the entire form is rejected and does not appear at all in VP’s queue. It should continue with the form to VP. If the VP rejects the hardware access, the entire form is rejected and does not appear at all in IT staff queue.

They should not reject the complete form of hardware by either dept head or VP. They should not reject the whole form. The form should continue to be submitted to the next individual.

c. Account Terminate – The workflow is below:

HR (Raises a request), Approves -> IT staff

2. Admin Workflow – The workflow is as follows :

Admin (Assign Approvers) for Area – Security Role >> Dept Head (Development -> QA (Development) -> Developer (SAP Change (Dev/QAS)) -> Change Migrator (IT staff) (Test Environment ) ->Admin (Testing Document) -> Dept Head (Production) -> QA (Production) -> Change Migrator (IT staff) (Production ) -> Admin ( Verification) -> QA( Final Sign off).


Reports section in the admin panel , list out all the Change Management and Access Management requests with the brief description on the grid layout and further details like approver name , request details etc can be viewed on click of Request ID (custom system generated ID) .

Super Admin Features

Company Activation & Assigning Modules and GRC –

  • All the accounts created using Sign Up page will get listed in “Customer List”
  • The accounts will have an option as “Activate” . Once the SA activates the account , the user gets notified through email and can login and start creating their company user accounts.
  • As per the modules required by the different companies , SA has an option to “Assign GRC & Modules” to particular company.
  • Based on the assigned Modules , the company accounts will automatically assigned with the tabs and workflows.


Ability to capture Business Process and link it to Key Applications, Technology Infrastructure,

Industry Regulations, Legal Regulations, Regulatory requirement etc.

2 . Ability to capture Steps followed to execute a Business Process

3 . Ability to capture Steps followed to execute a Technology Process

4 . Linking Technology Process in Step 3 to Applications/Infrastructure captured in Step 1

5 . Control Testing


Control Catalyst “CC” required custom and flexible workflows which could handle multiple approval paths, multiple approval authority and ability to audit all the approvals and timestamps.

We built this solution on a Microsoft ASP.NET software stack, along with some open source software


The CC web application is complete and deployed. It can handle audit workflows for clients with various structures like single location, multiple location, and multiple hierarchy.

The workflows can be easily designed by a site admin administrator. Reports for in progress and completed audits are accessible as per the granular authority provided by the company admin.

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