Engagement 360 Online SurveyOnline Survey Tool


OS: Windows
Server Side Language: ASP.NET
Client Side Technology: Ext JS
Architecture: MVC


The online survey tool provides a great survey experience for listeners who can take a survey on their mobile phone or PC. Awards are rewarded to respondents for sharing there ratings and investing their time.

Also its a great tool for different radio stations for research.

It is the single page application and user interface of the application (excluding report section) created on JS (EXT JS).


Report data optimization Reports were opening very slow, as there are huge number of respondents so it was required to get the reports open fast.

IIS server crashing issue In the view responses section of the application, large amount of data is stored in the session, thus IIS server gets crashed when this section of application run and site became un-responsive.

Issues with Email Notification System Emails were not getting delivered to some users.


We divided the data fetch process. Here we fetched the data according to the condition. So not the whole data was called at a time, also we reduced the use of temporary tables.

To fix this complex issue we performed following operations:

  • Broke the whole data into parts.
  • Optimized the looping in this section.
  • Reduced the number of iterations.
  • Avoided the session inside the loop.
  • Identified and eliminated unnecessary session data.

We created webhooks in controller that communicate with email API continuously to get the updated status of each email. Also modifications in the spam expert settings in the API account were done.


Significant improvement in the report opening time was achieved.

IIS server crashing issue resolved. Now view responses section works fine as amount of session data is reduced.

Email Notification System working fine.

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