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A Few key features of Epic Video Domination 

It can add Option in forms or buttons or links at precise times when you want to see them in your videos to establish and improve their online marketing.

It controls the actions of your customers by allowing them click on the forms, buttons or on links which are embedded directly in your videos on web pages.

  • Cakephp & LAMP

EVD (Epic Video Domination) is a desktop application which is specifically created for internet marketing. Epic video domination page is different from other web page plugins and even applications; this is built specifically for advanced marketers.

It has more customization, advanced functionality and features than ever seen before in anything. This tool allows user to add Option forms, Buttons & URLs into the video for doing the marketing through web advertisements.

It can easily secure your videos and the related content against theft or from hacking. The thread of Complete Video Domination opens with a hefty & promising line: “If You Have A Computer and An Internet Connection, You Have Every right To Make at least $15,000/month From The Comfort Of Your Home”.  And finally it can also embed “buy now” buttons which directly inside in your video to buy something from your site through online. The selected items will be added to your cart one by one.


It’s quite a challenge to edit a video in order to add any punchlines/buttons/forms or more for marketing purposes. To overcome this we conceptualized Epic Video Domination product.


A web application which would require only a video upload and then user can do video editing in a user friendly way.


The app was actively used by marketeers.

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