Five Dollar WorkPlatform for buying & selling microservices


We have created a way for you to sell any product instead of traditional particular products in your next user. The site is a good match during these rough economic times. It will be used mostly people who can’t earn money for daily needs.

Buyers are looking for cheap prices on services that they do not want to or cannot do themselves. And, sellers are often unemployed or underemployed people who are seeking freelance income. because of it decrease the unemployment and increase our country or world economical growth.

While a lot of people cannot earn an entire living completing task $5 at a time, there are some people throughout the world who can. Five US dollars is a lot of money in third world countries where people subsist on less than that per day.  so they know the real value of the money. From that they will financially grow up. Another big source of providers for services is college students looking to make a little extra money and earn some experience doing work that they hope to get into after graduation.


Server Side Language: PHP (Micro Job Exchange)


People sign up for a free account, then post what task or service they’re willing to do for five dollars. Uncover and realize user goal in a more simple and profitable way this time around. Although a buyer will pay $5 for a seller to complete a specific task, sellers only receive $4. The other dollar is kept by the site for payment-processing and fees, which is the primary way the site makes money.

It is not always a job like buying or selling, it might be anything like answering a posted question. In short this site gives work where anybody can choose their work based on their interests and their strengths.

PayPal is the payment method and posting a job you are willing to complete is free. There are so many tasks that are offered by users of the website that it is even hard to list all of them.

There are categories that the tasks fall into such as gift ideas, graphics, social marketing, travel, writing, advertising, advice, business, technology, programming, etc. These type of sites mostly used for earn money easily like a part time work. One of the underlying reasons behind five dollar work to increase wages was the desire to attract and retain top-notch employees by effectively creating golden handcuffs.

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