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Leisure and business travel packing list – travel light – useful packing tips to this purpose, as is the multi-compartment, equally large-sized “Deluxe Pocket” (made by On Sight Equipment, and pictured at left) Sorting Out Souvenirs & Gifts and Packing list for a family trip: documents, tech gadgets, gear, toiletries Remember it all with a list. Trip members should arrive prepared for all possibilities by all those mentioned recommendations on this Gear List.


It gives a full information of any trip or an event which may be for friends long trips or for any world tours etc. User can organize all his/her group’s needs so that everyone knows what to bring for themselves and what they need to bring for the group.

So it is easy to pack the listed requirements for trip and also no chance forgetting any item. The user can create his/her entourage and manage delegates and dependents, they can also suggest products/brands for themselves and also for others in their group. In short, the site can create and manage packing list (all the required items) for the trip or an any event and also give you a report on the same.


People generally tend to forget list of items to be carried on their long adventurous trips. Forgetting something of great importance on any risky trip can pose a challenge.


This application helps to create a Gear list or items list where every trip member can suggest or even other members of the community who have already visited the place can add to the Gear.


The app worked successfully and there is a new version to be created.

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