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The Forum is based on PhPbb software, It allows you to set up an unlimited number of forums and categories. Users, moderators and user groups with varying permissions can be created. In short, it provides everything you’d expect of a bulletin board service. For a complete list of all supported features. And that allows everyone to create their own discussion board with just a few mouse clicks. Our forum hosting solution uses world`s most famous open source engine – Feel free to select your favorite domain name, choose your forum title and your color scheme and you are ready go whether you want to discuss your business with your friends and colleagues Forum Style is consistent in style and coloring with the website, All forum functionality is enabled, including all administrative and moderator functions.

Knowledge Base (KB)

The KB is based on PhpKb software which is an ideal knowledge base software for organizations that need a central repository to store information for customer support, staff training, content management, document management and more. Knowledge base is a special kind of database for knowledge management. A knowledge base is an centralised repository for information. KB style is consistent in style and coloring with the website All KB functionality is enabled, including all administrative functions. Download Center (“DC”): The purpose of the DC is to contain files for customer use including: Software / installers for download, User guides / other guides, other documents. Portal performance is fast and responsive. : Download and view the resources that will help you created incredibly realistic simulations of web, desktop and mobile applications that stakeholders can directly download all the resources.


The vision for this project is to provide a set of resources for use by customers. Customers include some of the largest brand names in the Fortune 100 companies. Accordingly, the User Experience and presentation of resources is very professional while remaining easy to use. We take care of all the custom jobs on the large website and handle its maintenance.

HipLink Hosted service is a web-enabled, enterprise communication and alert notification solution that is offered as a SaaS. Similar to its industry-leading on-premise software, HipLink Hosted offers the same rich feature set that ensures notifications reach any number or individuals, groups, or communities, quickly and efficiently.

We used a combination of commercially-available software platforms for the Forum and Knowledge base and construct additional Portal pages in HTML. The HTML pages provide navigation throughout the Portal and tie the Forum and Knowledge base together with the rest of the Portal. Portal Areas include: Forum, Knowledge Base, and Download Center. The overall Portal appearance is consistent with the client’s corporate website.

Navigation Header appears on all Portal pages. Navigation is a field of study that focuses on the process of monitoring and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle from one place to another Navigation Header links includes: Portal Home, Forum, Knowledge Base, Download Center, Portal access, Client issues login credentials for each user. Login credentials consist of an Email Address and a Password. The Portal accepts alpha characters, numbers and special characters (! @#$ %^%&) for the Password. Password change mechanism, Password reset mechanism, One login required to move between portal areas .it is like a special kind of feature to your page


Whitepapers are documents that are not easily obtained so client wanted to implement a form so that people have to fill it out and then submit their information. Only upon submitting information, they would be able to download the whitepaper.


We created a custom component/plugin form, which the people will fill and on submitting only will be able to download the whitepapers document.


Along with it the users information gets saved & tracked at backend.


This plugin was very helpful and met the client requirement. All the information about the user who were downloading the whitepapers were getting tracked successfully.

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