Ipad App For Local Golf Course ServicesApp for local golf services of NCGA


Each and every screen in the application checks the NCGA Cloud for the latest data or additional information on screen entry and exit. The Kiosk uses Geolocation to find the local golf course and connects with the NCGA Cloud to determine what new information is available to push to the kiosk about the golf course and each individual user as they use the kiosk.

  • OS: Mac OS
  • Server Side Language: PHP
  • Client Side Technology: Objective -C
  • Architecture: MVC/nTier

This is an iPad application for local golf course services provided by NCGA. The app assists people with club membership management, course management, tournaments, pro shop, marketing, social media services and future restaurant services.

The app uses iPad Geolocation (GPS) technology to automatically sync from the NCGA Cloud and to find a local golf course location. As each individual screen is accessed by a user the data required for the screen will refresh and sync with the cloud.


NCGA was in need of an app for it’s kiosks set up at various golf courses fetching and displaying accurate details about club membership, courses offered, tournaments and restaurants specific to the particular Golf course under NCGA.


The focus feature of the app that client needed was location specific details to be displayed within the app. We proposed to do this with iPad Geolocation (GPS) technology which would fetch details from NCGA Cloud to get the golf course location.


We created the app where every screen would check the NCGA Cloud for the latest data to display on the screen.

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